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Ultra Farm is an integrated system designed for Farmers & Ranchers that want to get quick and accurate results without spending hours designing a chart of accounts and customizing their reports. Ultra Farm runs on your desktop or laptop computer and does not connect or access the cloud, keeping your valuable information private and secure.

If you want inventory of crops or livestock, payroll, check writing from multiple accounts and complete enterprise analysis then this program is one you must investigate. Economically priced at $550.00 with trade-in discounts for existing customers. To order on-line click here.

Ultra Farm has all the Reports you'll need for solid management. Input screens guide the user with pop-up windows for vendors, a predefined chart of accounts, and a large choice of crops and livestock enterprises.


  • Ultra handles multiple years for each farm.

  • Perpetual and physical inventory with supporting schedules for all Balance Sheet items. Both book and market values are used.

  • Upgrade compatibility for Farm Biz data.
Personalize the Favorites List to show only the Items applicable for your farm.
  • Number of head and quantities are available on each monthly transaction with totals carried forward for the entire year.

  • The last transaction date is carried forward to be used in your next transaction and is put in for you. When you tap the plus or minus keys the date gets larger or smaller.

  • The check number adds one to the last number used and puts it in for you on a new transactions.

  • The type ahead feature for Vendors and Item categories lets the computer bring up the most likely choice. You can type either the vendor code or the name and it will find it after only two or three letters. The Item Transaction Description works the same way.

  • The favorites window displays vendor names, items and crop and livestock enterprises for your farm. These can be personalized to fit your farming operation.

  • When you finish a field of data if you prefer to press enter or the tab key or click the mouse you will fall in love with the flexibility of Ultra Farm for Windows. They all work the same.

  • The standardized chart of accounts contains 330 item codes that are already setup for you. The standardized chart can be expanded and personalized. Expansion takes place by adding a single character suffix to any existing code. By assigning D for Diesel, E for Ethanol, G for Gas, M for Methanol, O for Oil, and P for Propane; you can easily add six new codes for Machinery Fuel giving you a further break down on expenses.
The Scroll Bar lets you scroll through the entire list of Transactions.

  • A Transaction Register by check or deposit of all entries for the year can be pulled up with one click as you are entering transactions. This register can be viewed in its entirety from the very first transaction for the year to the last transaction. The entire list can be sorted by check #, date, vendor name, or dollar amount. Just click the "Sort" button and click your choice for sequence.

    This feature is really handy to locate a transaction you want to edit. Just mark the transaction and then click View/edit and you will be at the data entry screen with all the detail information so you can make a change. Any change will adjust the checkbook balance right before your eyes.

  • Every month when you open your bank statement. All of your outstanding checks and deposits not cleared are listed. A calculated beginning balance matches the Bank Statement Beginning Balance.

    All you need to do is click the cleared box on the same line as the check or deposit. With each click the totals for Deposits, Withdrawals, and Ending Balance change their value. So you can see your results with every click. When you finish clicking, the ending balance will match the bank statement . If you like speed, you can just tap the space bar repeatedly to clear a long series of checks.

  • There are three Vendor Types; Money Borrowed, General and Labor/Employees. The Vendor names and addresses print on your checks. By using window envelopes you will have your bills already addressed saving you time for other important matters.

  • Vendor preference transactions can be stored with the vendor and used in checkbook data entry. These preferred transactions are input for you with just two mouse clicks. They can be automatically calculated based on a percentage or a fixed dollar amount can be applied either as a known amount ahead of time or at time of data entry. This feature is so flexible, it has proven to be a huge time saver!!

  • Crop & Livestock Enterprise selections include 300 Livestock, 900 Crops, 5 Other Business, 4 Custom Work and 5 Schedule E Enterprise Codes. Any transaction can be charged to a crop or livestock enterprise.

  • Checkbooks can be treated the same as owners and used to combine or separate all reports throughout the system. The balances display on the screen during monthly input and are adjusted with each entry. Ultra supports five checkbooks per farm.

  • Cashflow Plans for several years into the future can be created using the actual data from the current year as a model. These plans can be manipulated as needed to provide a long range plan of 3-5 years.

  • For tax planning and budgeting, the prior years actual data is used as a projection for estimating your Schedule F, months in advance. This alone can save you thousands of dollars and hours of time!!!

  • Months are never closed with Ultra Farm. All months are always open to facilitate making a change or adding a transaction that was forgotten. Any change made, automatically adjusts the checkbook balance throughout the year.

  • Payroll includes automatic Federal & State Calculations. Payroll is integrated into the system for financial reports as well as keeping track of each employee's earnings for W-2 reporting.

  • Inventory tracks sales and purchases made with your regular monthly transactions. There is no need to enter sales and purchases twice. Harvests, animals born/died, and feed fed can also be input at the same time.

  • The check writing automatic feature can eliminate routine data entry tasks. Batch printing of checks with window envelopes saves you time every month.

  • Ultra provides automatic transfer of data directly into Finpack from the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota.

  • Backing up and restoring your data is built in. The entire years records are saved to your choice of removable media. Ultra Farm offers a Save and Verify feature so you can be confident your data is useable in case of a system failure.

  • Technical Support if needed is free for the 1st year of ownership.

System Requirements

  • Pentium III or faster with a minimum of 32 Meg of Ram
  • Hard Disk with 100 Meg Free Space
  • CD Drive (If no CD drive is available, order the flash drive media.)
  • Monitor and graphics card that supports 800 X 600 or Higher Resolution
  • Any Windows Compatible Printer
  • All Versions of Windows including: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000
    or Macintosh with one of the following: Virtual PC, Boot Camp, or Parallels Software

Sample Reports

The following is a list of reports available. The reports that are underlined are sample reports thATare available for viewing with your Internet browser. All reports can be printed to the screen or printer. Checkbooks can be treated the same as owners. This allows any report to be printed by individual checkbook or with any combination of multiple checkbooks.

Monthly Balance Financial
Analysis Cashflows
  • Actual
  • Plan
  • Combined Plan/Actual Year by Month
  • Combined Plan/Actual Year by Quarter
  • Cashflow with Credit Activity
Detail Items
  • Cash Transactions
  • All Cash/Credit
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Monthly Detail with Year to Date
Wage Reporting
  • Employee Earnings
  • Contractor Payments
  • W-2 Forms (for preprinted forms see Nelco Solutions below)
  • Wages Not Paid
Tax Schedules
  • Schedule F
  • Schedules A & B
  • Schedules 4797, C, D, & E
  • Interest Income - 1099 Forms (for preprinted forms see Nelco Solutions below)
  • Rent/Misc. - 1099 Forms (for preprinted forms see Nelco Solutions below)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Valuation Changes
  • Crop Control
  • Livestock Head Control
  • Livestock Quantity Control
Inventory Supporting Schedules
  • Savings Accounts & Other Assets
  • Crop & Livestock
  • Fixed Assets
  • Money Borrowed
  • Accounts Payable & Other Liabilities
  • Personal & Business
Check Writing
  • Laser or Ink Jet Checks
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The manual is on CD and prepared to print.

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Ultra Farm is economically priced at $550.00. To order your software via credit card on-line we offer Secure Server to guarantee the utmost in confidentiality. If you need help shopping visit our Shopping Tips and then place your order.