My Field Trial Download

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My Field Trial Download

Download the My Field Software - Version 2T.6

This will download the "My Field" Crop & Field History Software Trial Version from our website onto your Computer. Click on the Download link. If your browser offers you the choice of Opening or Saving it, Save the My_Field_Demo_Install.exe to your computer. Remember where you saved it. Using My Computer double click on the My_Field_Demo_Install.exe, this will install the software to your hard disk and create a "My Field" Icon on your Desktop and in the "My Field & Crop History" Program Group.

If your browser security settings do not allow you to download an .EXE file, please Click or Tap here to download the My Field Trial as a ZIP file.

File download size 30MB

Farm Biz Trial Download

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software: If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your device, which is required to view the My Field manual, the foregoing link will open in another browser tab taking you to the Acrobat Reader download page. If your browser offers you the choice of Opening the program or Saving it to Disk, you should try opening the file to install Acrobat Reader. If you have issues installing Acrobat via file run, you can Save it to your hard disk. Remember which folder or directory you saved it to, because you need to find the file and double click on it to install it to your hard disk. After installing Adobe Acrobat Reader you can view the "My Field" Manual. On the Main Menu click on the set of Books.

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