My Field Crop Software Evaluation

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The evaluation Demo program is the complete "My Field" crop records program. All features are available for you to try before you buy. The program is so user-friendly it needs only 26 pages of instructions.

The trial program is limited by the number of entries you enter. But all data entered with the trial will transfer to the actual program.

Download 35 MB "My Field" freeware. You need to have 100 meg free on your computer to install & operate "My Field". A My Field Demo CD is available. Shipping & handling charges are $15.

System Requirements

  • Pentium III or faster with a minimum of 32 Meg of Ram
  • Monitor and graphics card that supports a minimum of 800 X 600 or a Higher Resolution
  • All Versions of Windows including: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME/98 or Macintosh with one of the following: Virtual PC, Boot Camp, or Parallels Software
  • CD Drive
  • Any Windows Compatible Printer
  • Hard Disk with 100 MB Free Space
My Field
Sample Field Map provided by the FSA (Farm Service Agency) office

Field maps can be scanned or FSA map images loaded. Maps from satellite imagery at can also be used. A field work order with map and space for field work notes can be printed for use by custom contractors.

Field Work Data Entry
Chemicals and related work for one field

  • Chemicals, Fertilizer & Seed inputs can be purchased in bulk with the unit/quantity & price reported. As the events are recorded for a crop, the cost is computed based upon the application rates per acre or field that you specify. The chemicals, fertilizers, and seeds can be entered on the fly and are automatically added to the specific pick list. Costs are strictly optional.
  • Each piece of equipment can be assigned an hourly or per acre cost of operation Calculations are broken down by acre and field. Equipment costs are optional.
  • Tank Mix Formulation automatically calculates the total cost for the mix on the screen as each ingredient is added to the mix.
  • Minimal input is required. Producers can choose minimal or complete detail for their records.
  • You pick the Field & Crop you are working with from a pull down list. There are 9 tabbed events for a Field & Crop. Each tab has a different screen layout for input.
Field Work Data Entry
This is a sample Trucking Screen for the same Field that we saw with Chemicals added

Field Work Tab Events are: Ground Prep – Planting – Fertilizer
Chemicals Inspection – Harvest –Trucking/Selling – Precipitation/Irrigation – Miscellaneous

  • Each of the 9 Tab Events has its’ own clipboard for Copy/Paste. This is handy when on the same day you use the same equipment to perform the same job on several different fields. Click Record Copy on the transaction you want copied, then pick a different farm field/crop and click Auto Paste. Saves Time!
  • A click in the cost cell is the mechanism to cost out your Power Equipment, Implements, Seeds, Fertilizer and Chemicals. The cost screen retrieves the costs set up in your pick lists.
  • Pick Lists are built on the fly as you enter an item not previously entered. Pick List management includes the ability to add purchase units & purchase costs. Items in the pick list can be deactivated so they no longer show in the list.

Reports are specific to the following categories: Most reports break out information by crop or field. Click on the underlined reports in Blue to view the sample reports.

Usage:  ChemicalFertilizer, Seed, equipment and Destinations.
Field Costs:  The costs per Acre and Field are computed for each transaction.
Production: By Crop or Field. Record Sales from Inventory too!
Government:  Restricted Use Pesticides, Government Payment Income.
Break Even Analysis: Yields & Expenses computed by Crop or Field. Total-per Acre-per Bushel summary.
Landlord Settlements:  Cash or Share Rent profit with a choice by Crop or Field for different Landlords.
Water & Precipitation:  Precipitation and Irrigation.
Soil Test: History of analysis, recommendations and applications.

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