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"Easy as Quicken . . . but made for farmers and ranchers."

A proven program that's ideal for Cash Crop and Livestock.

Farm Biz is your shortcut to computerized Farm Accounting. There is absolutely no setup required and it's compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Farm Biz, retailing at only $249.00 allows farmers and ranchers to gain even more management skills for less than half the price of other Ag specific accounting programs.

Farm Biz is designed specifically for farmers and ranchers. Farm and ranch management professionals recommend the program as one To order on-line click here.

Farm Biz is the easiest and most cost-effective Ag computer software programs available.

Farm Biz is a complete farm financial record keeping package that requires absolutely no setup or accounting background. Even beginners can enter checking account information and begin printing management reports in a matter of minutes. Farm Biz runs on your desktop or laptop computer and does not connect or access the cloud, providing you a higher level of security.

The chart of accounts designed specifically for farm and ranch businesses lets users produce Reports including checkbook balance, farm profit and loss, complete year detail, cashflow, budget forecasts, vendor activity, employee earnings, enterprise analysis, purchase analysis, sales analysis, money borrowed, net worth, schedule F and more.

Check Writing by computer is an option on every Expense Transaction. "Click Print Check" to print the check. Farm Biz lets you hand write checks and/or Print computer generated Checks. A unique feature to Farm Biz is the ability to customize how your checks and stub print. In most cases you can continue to use the checks you have already purchased. However, if you are looking to purchase checks please see our authorized partner, Nelco for checks that are guaranteed compatible.

To order preprinted forms visit

Customer support is provided free for 30 days after your first help call.

Customer satisfaction is backed by a Free Demo Evaluation copy of the program. Try it before you buy it.

The manual comes on CD and is prepared to print.

Input Features

  • The checkbook balance displays on the screen during monthly input. As each transaction is entered the checkbook balance is automatically updated assuring the utmost accuracy.
  • The last transaction date is carried forward to be used in your next transaction and is put in for you. When you tap the plus or minus keys the date gets larger or smaller.
  • The check number adds one to the last number used and puts it in for you on a new transactions.
  • The type ahead feature for Vendors and Item categories lets the computer bring up the most likely choice. You can type either the vendor code or the name and it will find it after only two or three letters. The Item Description works the same way.

Checkbook Data Entry
Use the Scroll Bar to show more than the first 25 Vendors.

You can search through all detail transactions in the entire year. The search criteria includes: Item Code, Enterprise Code, Vendor Id, $ Dollar Amount, Check Number, and Item Description.

  • The Search feature is always displayed at the bottom of the Data Entry Screen. The search is only on the Tab selected. (If using 2 screen; Income Tab or Expense Tab selected). When you enter search criteria and click FIND, the first Data Entry Screen with a match and the total number of matches remaining is displayed. You can make a correction or just click the NEXT Search button for a new matching criteria screen display.
  • When you finish a field of data if you prefer to press enter or the tab key or click the mouse you will fall in love with the flexibility of Farm Biz for Windows. They all work the same.
  • Check amounts are automatically computed for you as each item is entered.
  • Quantities and number of head are printed and totaled for every transaction.
  • Corrections to any month at any time can be made. Months are never closed. All reports can be displayed on screen or printed for any previous or current accounting period.
  • The chart of accounts (item codes), enterprises, and vendors are displayed automatically when you need them. "All Data entered on the Checkbook data entry screen is exportable to Microsoft Excel."
Vendor Data Entry
To show more Item Categories use the scroll bar.

  • Vendors (payees) can be setup completely with name and address for easy referral and for printing on your checks.
Vendor Data Entry
Vendor Screen with memorized Transactions.

  • Vendor preference transactions can be stored with the vendor and used in checkbook data entry. These preferred transactions are automatically calculated & input for you with just two mouse clicks. A percentage or fixed dollar amount can be used. This feature is a huge time saver!!
Vendor Data Entry
Use the Scroll Bar to show more Transactions.

  • A Transaction Register by check or deposit of all entries for the year can be pulled up with one click as you are entering transactions. This register can be viewed in its entirety from the very first transaction for the year to the last transaction. The entire list can be sorted by check #, date, vendor name, or dollar amount. Just click the "Sort" button and click your choice for sequence.

Billing Data Entry
This is a completed Billing data entry screen Sample.

You choose a Transaction TYPE and then pick an existing item from the drop down list or enter a new item. Enter the quantity. The Unit Price from the master list is used to calculate the amount. Of course you can override the Unit Price and Dollar Amount.

Payment Distribution: These 3 columns are the same as in your accounting. They can be left blank until a payment is made. You have the option of consolidating all items into one item code by entering the item code that should receive the Total Invoice Income in the “Total Distribution Only” item code box.

The Checkbook balances are shown and update after you Mark a payment received.

  • Every month when you open your bank statement. All of your outstanding checks and deposits not cleared are listed. A calculated beginning balance matches the Bank Statement Beginning Balance.

    All you need to do is click the cleared box on the same line as the check or deposit. With each click the totals for Deposits, Withdrawals, and Ending Balance change their value. So you can see your results with every click. When you finish, the ending balance will match the bank statement. If you like speed, you can just tap the space bar repeatedly to clear a long series of checks.

  • Backing up and restoring your data is built in. The entire years records are saved to your choice of removable media. Farm Biz offers a Save & Verify feature so you can be confident your data is useable in case of a system failure.
System Requirements

  • Pentium III or faster with a minimum of 32 MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk with 80 MB Free Space
  • CD or Flash Drive (If the computer does not have a CD drive, a flash drive can be ordered.)
  • Monitor and graphics card that supports 800 X 600 or Higher Resolution
  • Any Windows Compatible Printer
  • All Versions of Windows including: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000 or Macintosh with one of the following: Virtual PC, Boot Camp, or Parallels Software.
Types of Reports You Can Generate

Reports below that are Bold Blue Text can be viewed in your browser by clicking on the report title (will open in new browser tab).

Billing Reports

Custom Planting that was PAID In-full 4 days later.
Products with Discount and shipping to a dealer.
Payment on Account for Consulting.
Sales Tax on Products but not on Custom Work.
Landlord Settlement for Shared Rent with 50-50 split.
Statement with Interest and Sales Tax charges

Farm Biz is economically priced at $249.00. To order your software via credit card on-line we offer a Secure Server to guarantee the utmost in confidentiality. Please Click or Tap the Buy Now button below to purchase.

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