Farm Biz Version 6B to Version 6C Upgrade

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Improvements included in Version 6C: (Released December 2019)

Detail Cash Transactions
New Detail Cash Transactions Report with shaded background in green

Detail Cash Transactions:
  • Prints Much Faster. Every other line has a shaded background.
  • Shaded backgrounds offer 12 different color selections.
  • Easier to read across the page with these enhancements.
  • Uses new Print/Preview Toolbar offering more options for printing.
  • Easily print all pages or just a range of pages. Print both sides to save paper.
  • Choose "FITS" for full page on screen or "ZOOM" to enlarge 150% or 200%.
  • Item Code totals print bold. Extra asterisks make totals easier to locate.
  • Quantities & Amounts are formatted with commas & decimals so it's easier to read.
New Print/Preview Toolbar:
  • Now available with shaded background for the following:
  • Detail Cash Transactions Report.
  • Vendor Selection List.
  • Personalized Item Codes
  • Personalized Enterprises Lists
  • Checkbook Reconciliation List.
Colored Shading for alternate print lines:
  • Select your choice of 12 background shading options.
  • Main Menu >6.Transactions with Selections >Customize Report.
Checkbook Reconciliation:
  • Made the PRINT button utilize the new Print/Preview Toolbar.
  • Three options to print the list in a different order.
Cash Flow Planning:
  • Much easier to make changes.
  • The Audit list is now in order by Item Code & Enterprise.
  • The Search button is activated, just enter the Item Code you want to change.

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