Farm Biz Accounting Software Evaluation

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"Easy as Quicken . . . but made for farmers and ranchers." The Evaluation Demo program is the complete "Farm Biz" Entry level Accounting program. Absolutely No Setup Required. Just install and enter your records. The Evaluation comes complete with a 269 page manual available for Printing or Viewing on screen.

Use this program as long as you like. When you get acquainted with the way it operates, we hope you will become a customer. Anything that is entered with the Demo program can be continued on when you purchase the Farm Biz Software. So feel free to enter your actual information.

The complete demo program is 40MB, Download "Farm Biz" freeware now. You need to have 80MB free to install & operate "Farm Biz" on your computer. A Farm Biz Demo is available for $15.00, this ships complete with a Quick Start Guide, complete Chart of Accounts List, CD and Flash Drive for installation.

What's the catch?

The only restriction is months July - December are locked out so you can't enter the last half of the year unless you purchase the actual "Farm Biz " Program. An incredible value at $249.

System Requirements

  • Pentium III or faster with a minimum of 32 Meg of Ram
  • Hard Disk with 80 MB Free Space
  • CD or Flash Drive (If the computer does not have a CD drive, a flash drive can be ordered.)
  • Monitor and graphics card that supports 800 X 600 or Higher Resolution
  • Any Windows Compatible Printer
  • All Versions of Windows including: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000 or Macintosh with one of the following: Virtual PC, Boot Camp, or Parallels Software

Here is what you get:

Farm Biz Demo
Personalize the Favorites List to show only the Items applicable for your farm.

  • Checkbook balance on the screen as you key income & expense transactions.
  • Chart of accounts already set up for farming & ranching. Just click on the one you want.
  • Two quantities on every transaction for pounds, bushel, head, etc. plus the $ amount.
  • The last date used is input for you. Click on the Up/Down spinner or press "Plus/Minus" to change the date.
  • Each new check number increments by 1 from your last check number.
  • Use vendors (payees with names & address) when you want. It's optional.
  • Recall frequently used transactions by Vendor for fast through put.
  • Search the entire Year for any Transaction.
  • Print Checks or make the entry from handwritten checks.
Billing Entry
This is a completed Billing Data Entry Screen Sample.

  • View and sort all your transactions by check #, date, vendor, or dollar amount.
  • Reconcile your entries to your bank statement by clicking on those that are cleared.
  • Customize the Standard Farm chart of accounts so you only see favorites for your farm.
  • Back up your data to Removable Media under program control.
  • Restore your vital data from Removable Media under program control.
  • Keep & access multiple farms and for multiple years.
  • Create a Cashflow plan. Prepare a Networth Statement.
  • Close the year and roll over Balances, Vendors and frequently used Transactions to the next year.

  • Has quantity & unit price and automatically calculates the extended amount
  • Handles both full & partial payments
  • Interacts with accounting when payments are made and updates monthly transactions
  • Keeps a master list of products & services
  • Can handle discounts & shipping charges and computes sales tax
  • Computes interest charges on past due accounts for statements

The Billing Data Entry has Dates, Invoice Number, and Vendor layout the same as Monthly Transactions. The bottom of the screen has the familiar buttons for Add New, Forward, and Back, etc.

Billing Entry
This is a completed Billing Data Entry Screen Sample.

You choose a Transaction TYPE and then pick an existing item from the drop down list or enter a new item. Enter the quantity. The Unit Price from the master list is used to calculate the amount. Of course you can override the Unit Price and Dollar Amount.

Payment Distribution: These 3 columns are the same as in your accounting. They can be left blank until a payment is made. You have the option of consolidating all items into one item code by entering the item code that should receive the Total Invoice Income in the “Total Distribution Only” item code box.

Print These Reports

  • Cash Flow Actual 12 months across (only 6 months for Demo) in columns plus a total
  • Cash Flow Plan 12 months across (only 6 months for Demo) in columns plus a total
  • Check Register in date order
  • Computer Printed Checks
  • Employee Earnings by employee
  • Enterprise Analysis for Crops & Livestock 12 mo. Across (only 6 mo. for Demo) in columns plus a total
  • General Vendor Activity Report for the year
  • Money Borrowed Vendor Report with beginning & ending balances
  • Monthly Transactions with Year To Date Totals (current months detail)
  • Net Worth Statement for Beginning of the Year & Ending
  • Other Business P&L for Custom Trucking, Roadside Stand, etc.
  • Personal Summary Income & Expense (Non Farm & household)
  • Profit & Loss Statement for the Farm
  • Purchase Analysis 12 months across (6 months for Demo) shows prices paid by unit (lbs., ton, gallons, CWT, etc.)
  • Sales Analysis 12 months across (6 months for Demo) shows amount sold by unit. (head, bushel, lbs., CWT, etc.)
  • Tax Schedule F worksheet with projections to year end.
  • Transaction Report by Item. Complete year or with Selections on Enterprise, Vendor, dates, etc.
  • Trial Balance prints all detail for a month in deposit and check order.
Sample Reports

Reports below that are Bold Blue Text can be viewed in your browser by clicking on the report title (will open in new browser tab).

Billing Reports

Custom Planting that was PAID In-full 4 days later.
Products with Discount and shipping to a dealer.
Payment on Account for Consulting.
Sales Tax on Products but not on Custom Work.
Landlord Settlement for Shared Rent with 50-50 split.
Statement with Interest and Sales Tax charges

Schools - Educational Use

The Demo program can be taught in schools for the months of January through June. Call us toll free at 1-800-438-7371 to ask about having Educational Demo's sent to the school. The demo's only restriction is months July - December are locked out so you can't enter the last half of the year unless you purchase the actual "Farm Biz " Program. An incredible value at $249. Teaching an Adult Ag Class and need to have the full year available . . . Ask about our Educational Quantity Discounts. School Discounts begin at two.

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