Ultra Farm Upgrade Version 7D to Version 7E

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Ultra Farm Version 7E New Features (Released December 2019)

Detail Cash Transactions
New Detail Cash Transactions Report with shaded background in green

Detail Cash Transactions:
  • Prints Much Faster. Every other line has a shaded background.
  • Shaded backgrounds offer 12 different color selections.
  • Easier to read across the page with these enhancements.
  • Uses new Print/Preview Toolbar offering more options for printing.
  • Easily print all pages or just a range of pages. Print both sides to save paper.
  • Choose "FITS" for full page on screen or "ZOOM" to enlarge 150% or 200%.
  • Item Code totals print bold. Extra asterisks make totals easier to locate.
  • Quantities & Amounts are formatted with commas & decimals so it's easier to read.
New Print/Preview Toolbar:
  • Now available with shaded background for the following:
  • Detail Cash Transactions Report.
  • Check Register Report
  • General Vendor Selection List
  • Money Borrowed Vendor Selection List
  • Labor Vendor Selection List
  • Personalized Item Codes
  • Personalized Enterprises Lists
  • Checkbook Reconciliation List.
Colored Shading for alternate print lines:
  • Select your choice of 12 background shading options.
  • Main Menu > More Options > System Configuration > Printing Options > Use Alternate Background.
Checkbook Reconciliation:
  • Changed Mark All/Un-mark All to be clickable, you can still use F7/F8
  • Made the PRINT button utilize the new Print/Preview Toolbar
  • Three options to print the list in a different order
Payroll Stubs:
  • The Minnesota Dept. of Labor is requiring employers to provide additional information on the employee' pay stub. We added a form in payroll maintenance to input the info you want to show on the stub., If you don't live in Minnesota you can opt not to use this feature.
Tax Tables:
  • Federal Tax Tables for 2019 plus State Tax Tables for the following states: MN, ND, IL, OH, IA, UT, and MO were updated as of Aug. 1, 2019.
Cash Flow Planning:
  • Much easier to make changes.
  • The Audit list is now in order by Item Code & Enterprise.
  • The Search button is activated, just enter the Item Code you want to change.

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