Ultra Farm Upgrade Version 7E to Version 7F

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Ultra Farm Version 7F New Features (Released November 2020)

Detail Cash Transactions
New Detail Cash Transactions Report with shaded background in green

Detail Cash Transactions 7F:

When ready to print the Detail Transaction Report, click the Customize Report icon. Under the Blinking ‘Reports with alternating background’ we’ve added a checkbox to request an export of the Excel file.

The Exported file will contain the very same data that made up the report. If your report included just selections, then the Excel file will contain just the selections.

Cashflow Actual, Profit and Loss, Schedule F Worksheet: These 3 reports are modified to use the new format with alternating line background colors.

1099 NEC (Non-Employee Compensation): New Government required form is ready for use.

Tax Tables: Federal Tax Tables for 2020 plus State Tax Tables for the following states. MN, ND, IL, OH, IA, MO, were updated as of Aug 1, 2020.

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